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About Us 

Feachtas was founded in 1980 to promote the use of Irish among young people and to aid their personal and social development. We cater for the 11-18 age group.


We are proud to be a volunteer-led youth organisation. A member of the National Youth Council of Ireland, we take an active part in youth and Irish matters. We are based in Dublin. 


We organise youth clubs and events through Irish to develop social networks of young Irish speakers to promote the use of Irish outside of school. Feachtas believes that the social use of the Irish language in the community by young people is most important for the future of the language. We aim to facilitate the social use of the Irish language by developing networks for young Irish speakers.



Our Story

Our Outlook


We believe that it is our duty to pass on ownership of the Irish language to the next generation.  Fun and the development of self-confidence within young people are emphasised within the events and club sessions that Feachtas organise.


We wish to emphasise the importance of autonomy and individuality within young people in our clubs and also to show young people the importance and relevance of their language outside of an academic context.


Feachtas functions through the wonderful work of our volunteers. We have two employed staff and a volunteer board of directors. We have a dedicated team of volunteers who work with our members from day to day. If you are interested in reading our policies, click here.

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