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Óg Gluaiseacht Gaeilge

The Story of Feachta

Feeachtas was founded in the year…
to promote Irish among young people and to assist the personal and social development of the young person. 
We work with you people between the ages of
Feachtas is a voluntary youth organisation. We are a member organisation of the National Yoiuth Council of Ireland and we actively participate in youth and Irish matters. We are based in Dublin.
We organise youth clubs and different events through the medium of Irish to develop a social network of young Irish speakers to promote the use of Irish outside of school. Feachtas believes thatthe most important thing for the future of the Irish is the use of the language in public among the youth. It is our aim to facilitate the social use of Irish through developing a network for young Irish speakers.  


The Mindset of Feachtas

Through making a substantive programme available, young people with Irish have resources available and are given support to speak the language socially of their own volition. We emphasise fun and nurturing the self-confidence of young people in our events and at the youth club.

We would like to highlight the importance that comes with the identity of a young perso in our sessions at the youth club so that the young people will see the importance that comes with their language and heritage in a context outside of school.

Feachtas operates through the brilliant volunteer workers that work with us. We have two officers employed and a volunteer directory board. We have a strong team of volunteer workers that work with out members from day to day. 

If you are interested in reading Feachtas's policies, click here.

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