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Óg Gluaiseacht Ghaeilge

 Feachtas Voluntary Work


Would you like to work with us?


Feachtas is a youth organisation that looks to provide a social space for young people with Irish. We promote Irish among young people and support their social and personal development through a substantial, enjoyable and challenging programme. We are a voluntary youth organisation and we rely on brilliant volunteer workers to make our programme available. Every Feachtas volunteer worker must undergo Garda vetting. Caithfidh gach oibrí deonach le Feachtas a bheith sásta dul faoi ghrinnfhiosrúcháin an Gharda Síochána. Aside from a role with Gaisce, every volunteer worker must be above the age of 18.


Youth Club Leader


Youth Clubs

Our clubs meet once a week and the young people have meetings, activities, trips, games, and sports. It is a great opportunity for them to meet with one another in a safe place and to build friendships through Irish. The current age groups in our clubs is now 10-18. The club gives young people a chance to learn and develop new skills through practical experience and their spirits lift from being independent and doing things for themselves. Through the club, they get the opportunity to try out new activities and experiences!


As a youth leader, you will be responsible for helping to run the club. The leaders make a safe social space available for young people where they can relax and have fun. The young people themselves will have a central role in the running of the club but the leaders will be there as important supports to facilitate activities.

Being a leader is a great way to meet new people and learn new skills. You will get great experience with working with young people and you will add to the self-confidence and personal development of young people in your area. You will receive first aid training and child safety training, as well as any other training necessary.


Currently, we are seeking leaders in the following clubs:

  • Club Óige Feachtas, Baile Munna: Club Setanta, CLG, Bóthar Baile Munna,  
    Baile Munna, BÁC 9, Dé hAoine, 6.30-8.00

  • Club Óige Feachtas, Tamhlacht: Scoil Santain, Bóthar na hAbhann Mór, Tamhlacht, BÁC 24
Dé Luain, 6.30-8.00

  • Club Óige Feachtas, Baile Brigín: Ionad Pobail Comhcheangailte, Sráid Baile Átha Cliath, Baile Brigín, Co Baile Átha Cliath, Dé Chéadaoin, 6-7.

  • Club Óige Feachtas, Baile Lotrail: Ionad Pobail Baile Lotrail, Bóthar Bhaile an Phoirtéaraigh, Cluain Saileach, BÁC 15, Déardaoin, 5-6.


Great experience for anyone who means to being teaching/youth work/working with Irish. 


If you are interested in joining us and getting great experience, contact us:

01 466 2487 / 087 904 6136


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