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and Scléip na hÓige


Every year, young memebrs from Feachtas come together and spend a week together having fun through Irish.

Scléip na hÓige 2023

In 2023, Feachtas youth members returned to Ionad na hÉireann, Droim Rí, Co Meath for Scléip na hÓige. There, they met other young people from Ógras, Spleodar adn Coláiste an bhFiann and had a wonderful time together.

Scléip na hÓige 2022

In 2022, Feachtas had a three-day event with other youth organisations: Spleodar, Ógras, and Coláiste na bhFiann. This event was organised in Ionad na hÉireann, Droim Rí, Co Meath. The young people had loads of fun there.

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