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Óg Gluaiseacht Gaeilge

Founding a



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An rud is fearr liom faoi ná gur club do dhéagóirí é agus go bhfuil sé ag feidhmiú trí Ghaeilge, rud atá eisceachtúil!



Pól. Club Óige, Tamhlacht

Feachtas is a youth organisation that looks to make social spaces available for young people through Irish. We promote Irish amongst young people and support their personal and scoial development through a substantial, enjoyable, and challenging programe. Learn more about Feactas' story here

Youth clubs

Our clubs meet once a week and the young people have meetings, activities, trips, games, and sports. It is a great opportunity for them to meet with one another in a safe space and to build friendships through Irish. The club gives young people a chance to learn and  develop new skills through practical experience and their spirits are raised through being independent and doing things for themselves. Through the club, they receive the opportunity to try out new activities and experiences!

Feacthas support services

Feacthas works closely with the local people of the area, to help them give the best quality experiences to their young people. We seek to promote the clubs through facilitating the following services for free for every club that is registered with us:

Founding clubs


* Recruiting youth leaders

* Background checks for leaders and Garda Vetting

* Publicity and recruitment of young people

* Training for youth leaders (child safety, best practice, first aid, etc.)

* Settling a lease on a centre

* Registering with the local Bord Oideachais agus Oiliúna

* Opening a bank account for the club

* Starter fund for equipment

Running clubs

* Expenses for running the club

* Insurance for the club

* Feacthas policies on child protection, etc.

* Regular publicity about the club and the area on social media

* Rent for the centre

* Retaining material for arts and crafts through membership with Recreate.

* Support for grant applications

* Regular training for youth leaders

* Organising events and trips with other clubs that operate through Irish.

Join us!

If you are interested in founding a club, email us at

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